3.1 Celebraciones

  • Familiares, en el centro, nacionales

De las celebraciones que tienen lugar en Colombia los alumnos de 1º ESO escogieron libremente una. Aquí os mostramos en inglés y español las cuatro mejores presentadas en formato digital: Día del amor y la amistadHalloweenAño Nuevo y Carnaval. Para otro momento quedan celebraciones como La Novena (una costumbre católica arraigada en Colombia y Ecuador, principalmente)

Arriba os hemos hablado del Carnaval colombiano, pero en nuestro centro celebramos el Carnaval español. Todos nos disfrazamos conforme al tema elegido cada año (alumnos, padres, personal de mantenimiento, administración, cocina, profesorado,…) Después del desfile, los grupos suben al escenario a hacer alguna coreografía. La fiesta termina, como no puede ser de otra manera, con la quema y entierro de la sardina. Aquí os presentamos un resumen del Carnaval de este año:

16 thoughts on “3.1 Celebraciones

  1. This is a really good video! The carnival is my favorite day of school, because there are a lot of dances, people and fun. Every year it just gets better. It´s gonna be one of the things that i will miss the most once i graduate.


  2. It’s great that the blog shows one of the most important events in the Reyes Católicos School, and all the people that make part of it, and that is proud of participating in the carnival, but the video should show more about it, like how the celebration was created or why the school uses a big fish as a symbol


  3. This text lets you learn traditions from other countries, that could be different from that in your native country. The only thing i would change of the presentation is the fact that it doesn’t have enough pictures, so i would make the presentation more visually attractive


  4. Wow, that was an amazing job with the children doing those typical things of the country. i learned so much about this type of carnival , i willl take part in it next year, it is an awesome thing to do.


  5. As I see it all this kinds of celebrations and festivities are so important for our community. They make us a united family where we can have fun so we don’t have to be studying all the time.


  6. The carnaval is one of the most beautiful things because it connects cultures such Colombia and Spain, also i love to dress up all the years for the event, this page reminds me the importance of participating in cultural events


  7. This celebration has been one of the most traditional of the school, I think this celebration makes everyone integrate, and it is important for all the community of the school.


  8. In my opinion this article is very well prepared, I can say that the celebrations in the Reyes Católicos are very fun and creative, I like to participate in them.
    This year, for example, I will have to be an organizer of love and friendship and Halloween activities, among others, to raise money for the trip to Spain.
    As an student of this school I invite the external students to come and participate in the celebrations we do.


  9. OMG! I love the Carnival. It is an incredible activity! It´s amazing that a school could make all that festival full of colours, good vibes, happiness and smiles.
    The edition of the video is already amazing and you feel like you are there having really fun.
    I´m a student of the Reyes Católicos and I could say that the Carnival is maybe the most expected activity of the year.


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