3.3 Gastronomía

La gastronomía de cualquier pueblo se caracteriza por la utilización de alimentos de producción propia, obviamente. Junto a carnes como la vacuna, gallina, cerdo, cabra, cuy y otros animales silvestres; los tubérculos como la patata y la yuca, y los cereales como el arroz y el maíz, son los ingredientes estrella de los platos típicos colombianos. Éstos últimos son los protagonistas de los dos platos que os ofrecemos a continuación, en inglés con subtítulos en español.

El primero es la arepa con huevo.  Se trata de una receta muy popular, sobre todo en la costa caribeña colombiana, y está preparado por las alumnas Laura Hernández y Violeta Velasco, de 1º ESO B


Este segundo plato es el postre arroz con leche. Está preparado por los alumnos Guillermo Martínez y Sofía Dulcey, de 1º ESO A


Ahora te invitamos a que resuelvas esta sopa de letras (word search) compuesto con palabras que nuestros cocineros han utilizado para elaborar los platos:

   ingredients tools and actions

E B Y F N N O W L U R G M Q H 
Z G R D O D D A U O E W I Y B 
Z Y G Z M F E K W C I M X M C 
W I R W A M W N T N E V P W K 
H X B U N M O I R P J H T V U 
L Y C R N X F F W T D X H L O 
M I O U I Z S E K Z L K V W L 
A C O F C W A T E R O A H O P 
X Q W E K L I M S O P R S B E 
D R J L V X C M C U I S T I R 
H D C P Y I J Z H C G B R M X 
Z C B T Z T L H E P B A T S J 
U N V D K J K O E F L Y R O G 
R K X F E J E L S C X N T H U 
V H Q G J I X K Y K H L Q N V 


23 thoughts on “3.3 Gastronomía

  1. The food looks good, I’m trying to make the arepa de huevo, that’s amaizing, it’s really good to have those recipes in this blog, it was helpful.


  2. Great recipes, I feel like I want to get home and make an “Arepa de huevo” and “Arroz con leche” they look delicious. I never imagined it would be that easy and delicious. Amazing!!!


  3. Personally I love the Colombian gastronomy because it´s so delicious. This article helps us to understand about other culture and the video teaches us how to make a typical dish from Colombia.


  4. It´s a brilliant idea to do these activities. Students can learn about Colombia´s gastronomy. They also can have a great moment by cooking traditional food. All schools should implement activities like these.


  5. The recipe was excellent, it is an amazing job and i learned much about the colombian gastronomy. The food is very different from that in other places and you explained the typical food of this country very well.


  6. Ohh that looked SO yummy! I think they did a very good job because they made a great choice between all of the Colombian traditional dishes that exist. Also, they enjoyed making the video and they ended up tasting the food! There’s only one thing I would improve and it’s that Spanish people don’t know what is an “arepa” so, it would be even better if they would have explained first what is an “arepa”.


  7. wow! I didn´t know some of the steps for those recipes. When I get home, I´ll do some of thaose delicious meals for my mom. Thanks for teaching me!


  8. I belive that you made a good efort and you cooked very typical dishes.
    Anyway I believe that at the beggining you could have explained what is the “arroz con leche” and the “arepa” an how typical they are, because if the person who watches they video doesn’t live in Colombia they won’t be able to understand how popular it is, and what it is about. I would also have liked you to explain the steps a little more slowly.


  9. Wow that food is so typical from Colombia, all I want is eat it right now! The only advice I can give is that maybe you can explain before the “arepa con huevo” what is the “arepa” because that food is only known in some places in south America. The milk rice was so good but you can add condensed milk instead of sugar if you want, but I love the work that they did.


  10. I saw the Arepa with Egg Tutorial. It is very complete, I really learned how to make the Arepas. The girls follow all the real recipe and every step was very understandable. The english they use is very good for their ages and the vocabulary is used well. The only thing that is not very well done, I think that is the sound of the video and the angle of the camera because I think what they will better show us what were they doing in the bowl.
    The rest of the work is very well!


  11. So in the first video i can see all of the instructions and i love it.
    The arepa with egg iś delicious and i want to eat it all the time, the girls instill me the best attitude and give the recipe exactly, the only thing i didn´t like is the quality of the video and the girls were very nervous but the rest of the things are very good.
    I want to congratulate them!


  12. Personally i think that in this videos we can find two recepies which are directly associated with the Colombian culture. The students made a great effort explaning how to make this colombian food, but in the first video i reckon that they could have improved it by specifying the measures of the ingredients .


  13. I think that they represent the gastronomy of the country like arepa with egg but it’s really difficult to do it and they don’t explain well how to make it great.


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