3.4 Localismos

Al igual que en Andalucía usan palabras –o aplican significados peculiares a las ya existentes, aquí en Bogotá usamos muchas palabras que puede que no entendáis allí en España. La clase de 5º B de Primaria ha preparado un juego de casar veinte localismos colombianos con su significado, que os presentamos en el siguiente enlace. Tenéis seis minutos para conseguirlo, y tan sólo podéis cometer cuatro errores.

Aquí tenéis la foto de los autores:

21 foto 5 B.jpg

Y éste es el trabajo que hicieron:


20 thoughts on “3.4 Localismos

  1. The activity presented by the link on the top of the presentation is a good interactive fun activity where we can learn more spanish words from other hispanic countries. We are learning those words in a funny way, not like a regular way to learn, that’s awesome, goood job.


  2. This post is amazing, it is perfect for getting to know the different cultures of Spain and Colombia. It is an opportunity to learn and also have fun. In addition, it also helps the brain to think fast to connect the words as fast as possible. Finally, it is impresive what kids can do to help others in their process of learning.



  3. I have a lot of fun with that game, I agree with some meanings that they give us. I can add that to say that someone is handsome we say “churro”. But i think that the activity prepares someone that is coming from Spain to study in a colombian school.


  4. I think it is funny to learn this kind of localisms that you could have never heard. They help you to understand how people live or how they are.


  5. I believe you have done an excellent job, you were able to explain the meaning of words like “parcero”, that is a word hard to explain for most of colombians. The game was an awesome idea because it allows you to understand it and keep it on mind. I congratulate you all.


  6. Nice job doing that funny and interesting activity where the people can learn what the things are called in different ways in different countries. I liked it. I have to say again, nice job!


  7. I think this is one of the most useful articles that you will read if you are a Spaniard who comes to Colombia. Usually, here in Colombia we use some slang or words that are considered offense in Spain or the other way round. So, this basic guide and the game will make your experience less confusing and less “offensive”.


  8. It is amazing how many things can change speaking the same language and how the same word can mean another thing in other culture that you never expected, it is awesome this work with the guys and now i know a lot of different meanings of words of andalucía.


  9. I liked everything here because the idea is really good, the game was fun to play and i loved the fact the got a pic of the children who did the research.


  10. It is an excellent game, I enjoy playing and is a good form you can learn to play games. The people of other countries will love the game and learn typical words of Colombia.


  11. Colombia localisms are the best! Every part of Colombia, and even all the places in each city have different ways to say words. It’s a benefit in terms of vocabulary diversity but it can also cause misunderstanding.


  12. Great post, I really like it. I think this article is so interesting, because we all speak the same language but in all the different places we use different words for the same meaning, at the same time is so curious watch our words like “Carro” or “Cartuchera” have another way of saying it.


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