4.3 Gastronomía

Si por algo somos conocidos a lo largo y ancho del planeta es por nuestra gastronomía. No se trata sólo del sabor, sino del olor, presentación, color, sensaciones y deleite al degustar nuestra exquisita y variada riqueza culinaria.

Los padres y madres del alumnado de Infantil (3,4 y 5 años) y de 1º ciclo de La Calahorra han participado en esta actividad junto a sus hijos en la elaboración de un recetario viajero, cuyo objetivo principal ha sido el de recopilar recetas tradicionales de la cocina andaluza.

5 thoughts on “4.3 Gastronomía

  1. What a sweet job, I admire the love, effort and time all kids and their families spent on this amazing video that helps to cook all kinds of recipes from home, no matter how far away it might be. Very educational, helpful and cute video. Hugs!!!


  2. Wow, that was an amazing job with the children maing those recipes of Andalucía , i learned so much about this type of food , i will try this soon!


  3. From my point of view this activitie is ideal to promote the union between the student’s families. On the other hand i think the video is a great method to encourage the tradition of Andalucía shearing the most representatives recepies of the region.


  4. I saw the Recipes Book video and I love it!
    The idea is incredible because the kids learn how to cook having fun and they all can do it! They are also traidional dishes so the kids know the culture too. It is a great activity that other schools could do too.
    The completed book is a real work of art!


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