4.4 Localismos

Todos somos conscientes de que aunque hablamos el mismo idioma, hay palabras, expresiones o atribuciones de significados cuyo uso es exclusivo de un área geográfica determinada.

Los alumnos de 3º y 4º de la Calahorra han grabado este vídeo en el que os pedimos que digáis el significado de palabras que utilizamos a diario en nuestra comarca. Para que no os resulte muy difícil os damos tres posibles significados para cada palabra ¡Suerte!

11 thoughts on “4.4 Localismos

  1. Such a cute video!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, those boys are sooooo cute and they were really great, they knew very well when they had to come out and they were not shy. I think that’s a great game bacause you learn a lot, new words and their meanings. Great great video. Congratulations.


  2. Every place is different and unique in all possible ways… It’s not the same looking up in the web and seeing these videos from actual local people, the second one, of course, is SO much better. Thank you for taking your time and making so much effort in sharing what makes your country different. Great job!


  3. The video was a good idea to learn in different interactive way. The little kids with the posters make it easier to learn different words from other countries.


  4. This video is very interenting, because it tells us the different forms that we should say a words in different parts of the world, and now when you go there you know new words that maybe you didn’t have any idea before


  5. I enjoyed reading this article a lot because I didn’t know any of the words that you use for the game, which also made the game kind of difficult, but it allowed me to get to know new words that can be useful if one day I go to Andalucía.


  6. In this video,they show us the very different words used in this region. Very different localisms are used with totally different meanings. It’s very funny because they show us three different meanings for a word


  7. The localisms in Bogota’s culture and the Andalucia’s culture are very different. When I saw the video I couldn’t guess any word.
    In spite of talking the same language, the Colombian people and the Spanih people have a lot of different words and traditions.


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